Friday, 11 October 2013

Hot off the Press: Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism volume.

Just published this week, my latest book, co-edited with David Bebbington, Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism in the United Kingdom in the Twentieth Century (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013). Its a book containing twenty essays examining different aspects of the evangelical movement in the twentieth century; the common thread uniting all the chapters is the question of whether evangelicalism and fundamentalism are one and the same thing.

I've written a chapter on post-war Wales, making extensive use of the Evangelical Magazine of Wales to examine whether the Evangelical Movement of Wales, the large single evangelical network in mid to late twentieth century Wales, exhibited any tendencies in a fundamentalist direction. I conclude that they certainly displayed plenty of fundamentalist characteristics, and that the distinction between evangelicalism and fundamentalism among them was far from clear cut.

Other chapters in the volume deal with fundamentalism in the Church of England, among the Baptists, Methodists and the Brethren. Others focus on particular individuals; Billy Graham and John Stott especially. Chapters on Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales ensure that an Anglo-centric approach is avoided.

In popular discouse it is widely assumed that evangelicals and fundamentalists are pretty much the same thing. This book challenges that assumption, concluding that while fundamentalism certainly existed in Britain, that evangelicals did sometimes show tendencies in a fundamentalist direction, evangelicalism in Britain cannot be simply equated with fundamentalism.


Ian Jones said...

Looks a great book - well done!

Aaldert Prins said...

Recommended!It adds valuable insights which are also profitable for understanding 20th Century Evangelicalism on the Continent.

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