Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Engaging with Engaging with Martyn Lloyd-Jones . . .

A few more reviews of Engaging with Martyn Lloyd-Jones: the Life and Legacy of 'the Doctor' (2011) have appeared in the past week or two. For more details click on the links below:

 Andy Morgan reviews it on his blog at: lukefourteenthritythree

There's the briefest of reviews in the: Church of England Newspaper

Collin Hansen writes a joint review with Alister Chapman's new biography of John Stott under the title: 'Notalgia is the enemy of Faith: Learn from your hero's warts' at: The Gospel Coalition

There's a review by Andrew Davies in The Evangelical Magazine, vol. 51, no. 2 (March & April, 2012), 25.

And finally Colin Maxwell writes in the British Church Newspaper (10 February 2012), 14.

All the reviews remain remarkably positive so far. If there's a slight disappoinment in some of the responses to date then its the tendency of most reviewers to self-indulgence, providing a personal paean of praise to Lloyd-Jones, rather than actually critically engaging with the content of some of the essays in the collection.

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