Friday, 4 November 2011

Just published - Engaging with Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Exciting news today! A box full of my latest book, Engaging with Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The Life and Legacy of 'the Doctor' (Nottingham: Apollos, 2011) arrived. It looks great, I'm really pleased with it. It'll be available in bookshops next week.

Here's a list of the contents to whet appetites:

Andrew Atherstone and David Ceri Jones, 'Introduction: Lloyd-Jones and his biographers'.
1. David Bebbington, 'Lloyd-Jones and the inter-war Calvinist resurgence'.
2. David Ceri Jones, 'Lloyd-Jones and Wales'.
3. Ian Randall, 'Lloyd Jones and revival'.
4. Andrew Atherstone, David Ceri Jones and William K. Kay, 'Lloyd-Jones and the charismatic controversy'.
5. Ben Baillie, 'Lloyd-Jones and the demise of preaching'.
6. Philip H. Eveson, 'Lloyd-Jones and ministerial education'.
7. Robert Pope, 'Lloyd-Jones and fundamentalism'.
8. Robert Strivens, 'Lloyd-Jones and Karl Barth'.
9. John Maiden, 'Lloyd-Jones and Roman Catholicism'.
10. Andrew Atherstone, 'Lloyd-Jones and the Anglican secession crisis'.
11. John Coffey, 'Lloyd-Jones and the Protestant past'
Bibliography: Lloyd-Jones and his writings.