Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New book on Jonathan Edwards

I guess you never really get over the initial excitement of seeing your name in print; this morning I received a copy of my latest publication, a chapter in a new volume of essays edited by Kenneth P. Minkema, Adriaan C. Neele and Kelly Van Andel, on Jonathan Edwards and Scotland (Edinburgh: Denedin Academic Press, 2011).

The book has grown out of the conference on the same subject held at the University of Glasgow in Easter 2009, a gathering sponsored by the Jonathan Edwards Centre at Yale in the United States. There are eleven chapters, most of them, as the title suggests explore Edwards' relationship with Scotland, or the ways in which Edwards was read by various Scots.

My chapter offers a complimentary angle to the rest of the chapters in the book, looking at Edwards' influence in Wales, particularly in the early stages of the Welsh evangelical revival, but also on the writings of William Williams, Pantycelyn, who in many respects re-wrote Edwards for a Welsh-language audience. Its only a short paper, but contributes something I hope to our understanding of the international dimensions of the Welsh Methodist Revival. While that movement was certainly Wales' first indigenous and popular Protestant religious movment, it was in intellectual terms deeply embedded in the wider evangelical community. This paper, in a sense the final spin-off from my doctoral dissertation, explores those international dimensions of the movement a little further.

The only problem is that at close on £70, a second mortage may be necessary to actually purchase a copy!

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