Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I'm gonna be a vicar!!!

Well, its been a big couple of weeks just passed. I've just been accepted to train for ministry in the Church in Wales; its been a long process, the Church in Wales has a pretty demanding and rigorous selection process, and I've just come through the final stage - successfully!

Its a subject I've not blogged about here, but in a sense its formed the backdrop to all I've been doing for the past year or so. I should try and write in more depth about how a once staunch Welsh nonconformist got to the point of offering himself for Anglican ordination - maybe sometime I will!

The whole selection process has involved reading lots of books about the call to ministry and the Anglican church from a rich variety of traditions, and lots of protracted discussions with various people, friends, my local rector, and then the diocesan Director of Ordinands, the Bishop of St Davids and a series of interviews, six in all(!) at both diocesan and provincial level! Its been a deeply affirming experience throughout in so many ways.

Well the plan is to train for non-stipendiary ministry, basically voluntary and part time ministry. This will allow me to combine my current job with ministry. The basic plan is to do some part-time study for two years. I'd then be ordained and serve a curacy on a part-time basis for three years somewhere around Aberystwyth.

So its some study to begin with, through the Church in Wales college, St Michael's in Llandaff, Cardiff. My particular path of study will basically involve following a suite of modules, some through distance learning arrangements, others through some evening classes and residential weekends. I start with some practical theology in September!

For the next couple of months I've got a few more opportunities to lead services and preach in a number of small churches around Aberystwyth. I'm looking forward to this, getting more experience of leading and preaching in a variety of different kinds of Anglican churches. I'll blog about them in due course.

So exciting times ahead . . . .

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Anonymous said...

congratulations! I trust it will proves spiritually rewarding for you and those around you,

Mark L.