Friday, 27 November 2009

All quiet on the blogging front!

I've not had a lot a time to do much on the blog for the last month or so I'm afraid. Teaching has been pretty hectic so far this semester, and I've been busy finishing a couple of short writing projects and getting to work on my biography of Elwyn Davies, the founder of the Evangelical Movement of Wales. I've finished writing a 6,000 word chapter on the history of evangelicalism in Wales since the eighteenth century, and an introduction to a book on religions in Wales. This book will contain about 20 chapters on various religious groups in Wales, I've written three chapters, one on Wesleyan Methodism, one on Pentecostalism and the other on Evangelicalism. It should be out next year, published by the Welsh Academic Press. The Elwyn Davies biography is going really well so far. I'm at the gathering information stage just now, travelling about interviewing people who were involved in the early years of the Evangelical Movement of Wales. Its been a great experience so far, if a bit different from what I usually do, but its early days yet. Teaching should all be done by early December anyway, and I'm off to London for the final conference of the Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism network, at King's College in the week before Christmas. Alister McGrath is the keynote speaker this time; details can be found here:

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