Friday, 9 October 2009

A new term and some new writing projects!

Activity on the blogging front has been a bit quiet for the last month or so; September is always hectic trying to finish off writing projects before all the students return! I managed to finish my chapter on evangelicalism in Wales from the 1730s to the present day, and in the end wrote a piece that concentrated mostly on the twentieth century. This week I've started work on my new project, the biography of Elwyn Davies. Its all a bit daunting just now, so much material to plough through over the next months. There'll also be lots of people to meet and interview for the book, which will be a new experience since most of the material I usually have to use for the things I write about is written by people who've been dead for a very very long time!! I've also just been appointed the editor of the Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society. The journal comes out three times a year and has Wesley and Methodist studies as its main focus. Its very widely read around the world, and I'm looking forward to taking up the role next year. So its lots of teaching and long hours researching and thinking for the next few months . . . . .

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