Friday, 31 July 2009

Summer Holiday's at last

I've had my head down for the past month or so trying to finish the last chapters of my book on Calvinistic Methodism. Thankfully, its all done - finished the final chapter this week, so my 35,000 contribution is done. Just waiting for the contribution of my co-authors now, and then the big editing process starts. Hopefully the book will be with the University of Wales Press before the end of the summer and then published next year sometime. Next up are some revisions to the paper I gave at the Calvin conference in Geneva back at the end of May, to be published in a special issue of the Welsh Journal of Religious History. Then I have to write the introduction to a book on The Religious History of Wales which I'm co-editing with a friend. This book includes over twenty chapters on the different Welsh religious communities since 1700. I've already written a chapter on Wesleyan Methodism and Pentecostalism in Wales, but am thinking of writing a further chapter on the history of evangelicalism in Wales. I'm still mulling over whether to do this since evangelicalism is convered in many of the chapters which discuss the different Welsh denominations, but I think a separate discussion of evangelicalism is needed, maybe with its focus skewed towards twentieth century developments - something to mull over on holidays! All of these are really preliminary to the start of a major new research project in the autumn. I'm going to write a biography of Elwyn Davies, the founder of the Evangelical Movement of Wales, and therefore a leading figure in the development of evangelicalism in Wales in the second half of the twentieth century. There' s lots of archival material to look at at the EMW headquarters in Bridgend and quite a substantial body of correspondence too. I'm not really sure yet how the project will pan out, or how substantial the biography will be, but it'll be good to get started on it after lots of discussions over the past year or so! So its off to Northern Ireland on Monday for a fortnight; looking forward to negotiating the giant stepping-stones that make up the Giant's Causeway again with the four ladies in my life!

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