Friday, 22 May 2009

Geneva here we come!

Well the paper is written for the Calvin fest; I don't usually leave writing so late, but the pressure of finishing teaching and mountains of marking gave me no choice in the end. Thankfully, I only had to write a short piece, enough for 20 or 25 minutes speaking time, although sometimes its harder boiling down what you want to say to the barebones.
I think the paper has turned out alright, although I didn't really have enough time to do the research I really intended. I think it does what I intended, shows how Harris and Whitefield both adopted moderate Calvinist positions in the later 1730s, and then defended them in controversy with John Wesley in 1741. Anyway, it'll be published along with the papers of Densil Morgan and Robert Pope, my co-panellists, in a special Calvin commemorative issue of the Journal of Welsh Religious History in due course, so I should have chance to do a fair bit more work on it.
I'll blog about the conference when I get back next week - when I've worked my through the mountain of exam papers that'll be waiting for me once I'm back that is!!

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Leith Haarhoff said...

Were you blessed by the spirit of St John Calvin on your pilgrimage?