Saturday, 25 April 2009

Alister McGrath in Aberystwyth

Professor Alister McGrath of King's College, London, will be giving a public lecture in Aberystwyth next week. The title of his lecture will be:
'Darwin and the Divine: Evolutionary Thought and Religious Belief'
This will a rare opportunity to listen to one of today's most important and influential Christian thinkers. He's the author of many important books, and one of the most effective Christian apologists, having debated publicly with Richard Dawkins on a number of occasions. The lecture will be held at 7pm on Thursday, May 7 in the Old Hall, Old College, Aberystwyth.


Leith said...

I'll be there! I'm impressed by his balanced handling of Dawkins and atheism. Looking forward to hear how he deals with Darwin and evolution.

Daniel said...

I went to it. I was very disappointed, lacked any real content. I seriously wonder why he didn't just call it "Richard Dawkins and why I hate him". While I am aware that to talk about a subject it is good to mention the foremost people in it he must have spent at least 90% of the time just quote mining Dawkins and barely mentioning Evolution the actual topic of the lecture .
He should be a politician, I have yet to see anyone else who can say so much and yet so little.
The most intelligent and interesting things were 2 of the audience questions (but not his answers to them, again evasive politician speak).